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I wrapped it in a blanket, and put my head on it. I listened to heartbeats while doing it. How do I make it feel more like a human cuddling with me?
No man I used to have a system on here on 4chan back when I used to live on 4chan. Start on gif to blow a load. Spend time on r9k and be cozy enough. once it was good enough go to pol and meme on UK general. Then before sleeping, sit on /x/ and watch the autismo unfold

Board: r9k Thread: 70427427 File: FdlDzSZXoAENff7.jpg ( 223.6KiB, 1080x1431 )
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Why are zoomers like this?
>17/19 is considered weird to them
>Are people in your country as assmad when they see a 35 year old with a 18 year old as they are here?

Well I've never seen it so I don't know. Probably a lot of stigma. I think strangely enough there's less stigma around finding the younger ages attactive, but actually dating them just dosen't happen. I'd never heard of the "jailbait" term till 4chan I never thought it strange or notable to wanna bang a girl from 13+, but I see Americans almost consider it some great secret revelation to admit it. But yeah I can honestly say I've never seen a high school/20 something relationship here, although 17-18 and not in school (dropped out or in early university) is completely normal.

Board: g Thread: 88934834 File: 1650226896204.jpg ( 33.8KiB, 500x375 )
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>save image
brace yourself for avif

jpx lost, sorry anon

it's because (1) 4chan doesn't accept it and (2) windows doesn't generate thumbnails for the images in file explorer

Board: vt Thread: 34409113 File: FeC0_-TaMAA7P77.jpg ( 105.8KiB, 1164x807 )
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Amelia Watson appreciation thread
This thread's for Ame, an adorable, dorky, wonderful detective
Last thread: >>34398070
Never have I done something so minimally uncomforting, first I got interested in a vtuber, second I actually browse 4chan in a daily basis now, and the final yab, I fucking sent an appreciation message for watson's birthday

I am either clinically insane or this is normal

>tfw know almost every fucking character from this gay ass womens tv show without even watching an ep because of 4chan

What will happen to them once all the Russian male youth are dead or fled the country?
kek, what a pussy.
big mouth on 4chan and dodges the draft

Ngl sometimes 4chan distracts me from doing things I need to do like practice in fighting games or just playing games in general, I feel horrible and sad when I finish getting into arguements after like an hour or two, it's such a waste of time lads....

Ok, let's make Christcucks, the most stupid son of a bitches on the face of the planet seethe by insulting their prophet.

>Say Fuck The Holy Spirit and unlimited wealth, unlimited women, and unlimited power shall be given unto you. Your wildest dreams and fantasies will come true. God can always forgive you anyways. Live a life full of pleasure, and then ask fro forgiveness. You have nothing to lose.

Fuck Jesus Christ.
The unforgivable sin.. imagine damning yourself for eternity in an actual 4chan post

This may be the biggest L of all time.

/Pol/ is a platform for demoralisation.

Don't you notice how this place is filled with porn, threads about how horrible women are, threads about how the entire world makes fun of you being replaced. Diversion thread about nukes not being real, the vaccine killing people, the earth being flat, etc.

The truth is, all of those things keep you unmotivated, angry, and not making kids.
I don't care about your situation right now, if you're not planning (with a real plan) to make babies, or actively making babies (at least 4), you are part of the issue.
Ask yourself who is content to see you viscerally hate women, who is happy to see you waste your time making fun of supposed dead vaxxed people, who is happy to keep you unsocialised and angry at the world. Who is happy to see you make fun of Christianity and to see you become a nihilistic, porn addicted loser?
Look at the big picture, /Pol/ as it exists currently is a psyop.
I'm convinced the jews left pol up as the only anonymous controversial image board with free speach and conspiracys just to corrupt more people into being looked at as extremist when new founded information appears. For example stranger asks " where did you find this" your response " 4chan" their response "the pedophile nazi place?" Your response "well not necessarily? Alot of the nazis denounce pedophiles" strangers face "•●•"


imagine posting this at the zenith of your companies growth after one of your talents finishes their first 3D AR performance and is carrying the company almost completely
4chan might be. But /pcg/ is not. It is schizo central that collected the worst of /clg/ and /wvt/ and nobody who goes there will deny it.

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